Experience and innovation are the hallmarks of World Logistics Services Corporation (WLSC).

Global logistics service in the twenty-first century requires a balance of first-hand experience with cutting-edge innovations. WLSC understands this and has carefully built a team of seasoned professionals with extensive industry knowledge and a demonstrated ability to adapt to changing circumstances. With the latest tools and methods, this expertise is leveraged for a distinct competitive advantage.


As world logistics grows "flatter" and faster, new technologies abound. Harnessed by experience, these technologies make shipping more efficient, more reliable, and more controlled than ever before.

WLSC leads the way in leveraging applications and best practices from all fields to ensure success in logistics. Through our commitment to innovation, our clients always have the greatest available access to information about their cargo, and our team will always have the ability to find custom solutions to logistics challenges.


Founded in 1986, World Logistics Services Corporation (WLSC) consistently recruits and cultivates logistics experts from around the world. These experts bring knowledge from industries as varied as power generation, oil and gas and mining.

Maintaining the highest standards for delivering your cargo on time and on budget, the professionals of WLSC have built a reputation for excellence. By land, sea or air, WLSC professionals have transported project and over-dimensional cargo through all climates, cultures and economies.