Warehouse and Distribution Management

Since inception, the core business of WLSC has been warehousing and cargo consolidation.

For nearly twenty-five years WLSC has provided goods storage at all points on the supply chain. Whatever your needs, we will provide a solution.

WLSC has access to a comprehensive network of warehousing facilities. This allows us to offer the total range of warehousing and distribution services. Maintained to the highest standards, our network offers complete security for your cargo.

Innovative WLSC technology provides fast access to all of your cargo, as well has exhaustive management of the supply chain. In this way we meet client demands for timely order fulfillment and minimize your costs.

Another way WLSC provides cost-effective logistics solutions is through our mastery of cargo consolidation. Utilizing single-point, multi-point and multi-national options, we manage shipments to maximize efficiency and minimize client costs - all without sacrificing reliability in delivery.




Warehouse and Distribution Managment

WLSC Experience:

  • Customized long and short term storage options
  • Network of warehousing to accommodate consolidations and over-scale cargo
  • Transport engineering
  • Packaging, crating, shrink wrapping and labeling services
  • Custom assembly and processing
  • Efficient cargo consolidation networks
  • Order processing
  • Direct delivery service
  • WLSC Innovation:
  • Electronic cargo management and reporting