Customs Clearance

WLSC offers customs clearance and final delivery services to every nation in the world.

A well designed customs clearance program reduces cycle time, improves shipment visibility, and lowers cost. The knowledgeable professionals of WLSC provide timely and reliable management of your shipment as it reaches customs. WLSC offers clearance in a consistent, timely, and cost-effective manner by acting as a direct extension of your business.

WLSC operates individual service programs, and takes full responsibility in providing correct and well-prepared documentation. Our tested methodology avoids expensive and time-consuming delays.

Today, a host of bilateral and multinational trade agreements provide ample opportunity to minimize import duties. The seasoned WLSC team understands and tracks the most advantageous ports and national customs requirements. The result is a critical edge in expedited customs clearance and delivery of goods.



Customs Clearance

WLSC Experience:

  • Customs entry requirements
  • Duty & tax assessment
  • Temporary import procedures
  • Permanent customs procedures
  • Carnets
  • Custom bonds
  • Cargo insurance

WLSC Innovation:

  • Custom import strategy design
  • Research and compliance consulting