El Vigia, Venezuela | Combined Cycle Power Plant 2011 - 2014

PROJECT LOCATION: El Vigia, Venezuela
PROJECT TYPE: Combined Cycle Power Plant
MAJOR COMPONENTS: 2 Siemens Gas Turbine Generators

(240 metric tons)
2 Siemens Gas Turbines (197 metric tons)

Steam Turbine Generator (237 metric tons)

Steam Turbine (64 metric tons)
28 HRSG Modules, up to 170 metric tons
TOTAL PROJECT VOLUME: 100,000 revenue tons
MULTIMEDIA: See Photo Gallery and video

Combined-cycle power plant in El Vigia, Venezuela is considered to be strategically important for the entire Andean region of the country.

In connection with a project, World Logistics Services Corporation has been contracted to carry out services such as customs clearance, transportation of heavy and over-dimensional equipment, conduct route surveys and all associated civil works and transportation of other equipment from the port of Maracaibo to the project site in El Vigia, Venezuela.

The El Vigia project is currently ongoing with a completion date set in 2014.