Wind Turbine Park | Jepirachi Epm La Guajira , Colombia - 2010

Project Jepirachi
PROJECT LOCATION: La Guarija, Colombia
PROJECT TYPE: Installation of Jepirachi Wind Park
MAJOR COMPONENTS: Aero Generator (62 metric tons)
45 blades (5 metric tons each)
MULTIMEDIA: See Photo Gallery and video

  • Items were transported on extendable flatbed trucks and modular equipment
  • Towers were assembled in 3 sections of tube of 18 and 22 tons
  • Total average height of tower is 60 meters
  • Liebherr LG1350 Crane was used: 400 ton capacity, 70 meter boom

On December 21, 2003, utility company Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM) together with Nordex started up the first eight of a total of 15 turbines at Colombia’s first wind farm true to the motto “La nueva energia de Colombia” – new energy for Colombia. Located in the territory of the Wayuu Indians in the dessert of the Guarija peninsula, the Jepirachi wind farm comprises 15 Nordex N60 turbines all producing clean electricity. The Jepirachi project is the country’s first wind park connected to the grid, it is also the first MW-wind farm of Latin America.

All transportation and cargo reception at the Port of Bolivar was done by Transportes Montejo, which for the transport and assembly of each wind turbine had to obtain the Wayuu community authorization for the use of its territory, and the permission of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of La Guarija, Corpoguarija, to implement the works.