Project and Site Management

The history of WLSC is one of partnership with vendors, EPCs and project owners to develop effective logistics plans. Working together we maintain a reliable flow of materials. With our global presence, WLSC complements your local needs by relocating specialized equipment and trained personnel.

WLSC implements and manages a variety of solutions to site problems. At cargo reception and case inspections our professional material handlers oversee your goods. The WLSC material tracking system (MTS) provides electronic inventory control in real-time. Through established relationships with industry partners and in-depth knowledge of global trends and local environments, WLSC has the expertise to succeed on every project.

Taken together, our proven method of moving from manufacturer to site provides seamless transport options over sea, river and land. WLSC clients enjoy access to turnkey logistics programs from shipping, barging and craning to on-site handling and installation, all designed by our engineering department.

WLSC provides cost effective solutions that ensure success without sacrificing safety.



Project and Site Management

WLSC Innovation:

  • On-site materials management
  • Material Tracking System (MTS)