WLSC has expanded operations in Bolivia.  

As requested by clients, and with many new projects on the horizon, WLSC has decided to expand services in Bolivia.

Since 2012, WLSC has operated a 3,500 sq mts warehouse and offices for cargo management and distribution. In November 2014, WLSC expanded operations to Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Arica, Chile opening the corridor for a full operation in Bolivia.

Major Chinese and Japanese companies such as NANTONG CHENGXIANG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO LTDA and CHINA HARZONE are involved in the construction business and WLSC is cooperating with them in the areas of transportation and logistics management. The direct result of this new cooperation will be the construction of two new bridges and the renovation of a cement plant.

Bolivia is a country located in the center of South America, very rich in natural resources, with different areas through Andes Mountains ranging from 200 meters above sea level (Plains) up to 4,000 meters above sea level. The road conditions are very poor and it is in clear need of infrastructure.  WLSC is participating in the renovation of roads and the creation of new infrastructure to modernize the country and assisting in the export of the many natural resources available.

WLSC is looking forward to continuing the expansion and to assisting our clients in the proper handling of the cargo entrusted to the company.

Please feel free to contact Ivan Frankel or David Garcia for more information.