INCOPRO CORPORATION was founded on September 19, 2000; INCOPRO is an acronym for INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE AND PROJECTS.

INCOPRO’S MISSION IS TO PROTECT American and Multinational companies from the ambiguity in conducting international trade.

These companies were often exposed to unforeseen expenditures and liabilities in lieu of not understanding the responsibilities inherent with INCOTERMS.

This malpractice can be very costly and in many instances unprofitable, especially when dealing with Industrial PROJECTS. An opportunity was recognized and INCOPRO was born as an international consulting firm with a niche in turnkey project freight forwarding.

Several years later, Incopro is a success and has been involved in major projects in the following industries:

Power Generation

Oil & Energy

Construction & Mining

Gas Process & Refining


Heavy Lift, Transportation, & Rigging

In 2013 Incopro was purchased by World Logistics Services Corporation, which was founded in 1986 and consistently recruits and cultivates logistics experts from around the world. These experts bring knowledge from industries as varied as power generation, oil and gas and mining.

Maintaining the highest standards for delivering your cargo on time and on budget, the professionals of WLSC have built a reputation for excellence. By land, sea or air, WLSC professionals have transported project and over-dimensional cargo through all climates, cultures and economies.